Welcome to the Computer Science Education Lab

The CSEL is located in ECCS 112 and ECCS 128. Your Buff OneCard is required for access to the lab. Students, faculty, and staff currently enrolled in a CS Course are eligible for CSEL resources.

Please email trouble@cs.colorado.edu for help, questions, or comments.

NB: All general purpose machines (workstations and remote access) use NFS home directories, so your data is persistent and shared across all of the CSEL systems. If you are running an IO-bound job, consider using the shared scratch space mounted on /local.


There are a number of workstations available for academic use. The current specs are:

The current available PXE images (available as a boot-time menu):

If you need a custom image (special settings, preferred Linux distribution), please send an email to trouble@cs.colorado.edu.

Remote Access

You may access the lab remotely via SSH (SCP, SFTP) using your IdentiKey and password. The current remote access machines are:

As with the workstation images, please email us if you need a custom image for a class, student project, etc.


There's a printer in the lab =). Feel free to print. Don't waste paper.


You have a student website hosted at csel.cs.colorado.edu/~identikey. This site can be located in either ~/public_html or ~/.www. If you are having trouble, make sure the web server has permission to read this directory:

	$ chmod o+x $HOME
	$ chmod -R o=rx $HOME/.www


In addition to the typical software available on our systems, the workstations and remote access servers also have MATLAB installed.

We also have the following academic licenses: