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The CU CS Coding Environment is a cloud based service for students taking Computer Science classes that provides a collection of tools used in our program. There is an Integrated Development Environment (Visual Studio Code), JupyterLab, Text Editor, Diagram, and a Terminal console. This allows students to focus on fundamentals of the classes without struggling with hardware and software configurations.

Persistent Disk

Each user of the system is assigned a 2 GigaByte (GB) disk that is will be retained while it is active. Unless you login every 30 days, your persistent storage may be reclaimed (deleted) and will not be recoverable. At the end of the semester the persistent disks will be deleted and all data will be destroyed. It is your responsibility to backup the data. If you have a good reason to keep the data longer than allowed by the standard policy, you can submit a request to have it retained longer by submitting a Persistent Disk Extension Request.

Python Libraries

If you need a library that is not available in the Conding Environment, you can install them on your persistent disk.

pip install --user [libraryName]


You login using the same username and password that you use for Gmail. The Coding Environment can be found at- https://coding.csel.io/hub/login. The video below demonstrates the login process.