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Remote Access

You may access the lab remotely via SSH (SCP, SFTP) using your IdentiKey and password. The current remote access machines are:

  • elra-01.cs.colorado.edu
  • elra-02.cs.colorado.edu
  • elra-03.cs.colorado.edu
  • elra-04.cs.colorado.edu


You have a student website hosted at csel-web.cs.colorado.edu/~identikey. This site can be located under either ~/public_html or ~/.www. If you are having trouble, make sure the web server has permission to read this directory.

$ chmod o+x ~
$ chmod o+rx ~/.www


By default, your password for CS Department education systems is your identikey password. This password is stored by OIT and is the same password that you use to access your email, mycuinfo, etc. Hence, if you are having password problems in the lab test against one of those systems.

You can change your password using the csel-passwd tool on the desktops on campus or the elras.

usage: csel-passwd set|reset|test [IDENTIKEY]
This tool is for changing your CSEL password. If not specified, IDENTIKEY defaults to your current username ($USER). set Set a local CSEL password (will not reflect elsewhere on campus) reset Reset back to campus identikey password test Test your current password

For example, to change to a local password

$ csel-passwd set

To go back to the default and defer to your identikey password

$ csel-passwd reset