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GitHub Enterprise will allows the integration with identity management and the ability to have programmatic / API control of repositories. For example, imagine you have a class of 600 students in which you would like to have each student clone a repo with assignment details and then use a continuous integration (CI) system to update grades based on test completions. Much of this can and is done using the single-class Github-for-Education system, but it is more difficult to automate than desired and offers no efficiency of scale.


  • Dirk Grunwald
  • Ioana Fleming
  • Eric Rozner
  • Brett Shouse
  • Jed Brown
  • Sangtae Ha
  • Thomas Harrison Nelson
  • Bor-Yuh Evan Chang
  • Ben Shapiro
  • Kunta Hutabarat
  • Jason Black
  • Stephen Roughton

Supporting Organization

  • Computer Science
  • Research Computing
  • Technology, Cybersecurity and Policy
  • Interdisciplinary Telecom Program

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