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The CS Department has a site license for VMware that allows us to grant short term licenses to students. This license is particularly valuable to students taking Operating System and other classes where the Coding Environment cannot provide the services needed (big memory, high CPU, kernel hacking, etc). Below you will find information about the common activities needed to manage the VMware subscriptions.

User IDs

The User ID that is used for VMware licenses has changed over time. It was initially started with First.Last@colorado.edu, but this email address can be changed and is therefore deprecated. The new standard is to user the IdentiKey email address which fits the format: abcd1234@colorado.edu

To lookup the IdentiKey username for a student, the ldapsearch tool is handy.

Lookup by email

ldapsearch -xLLLH ldap://directory.colorado.edu -b ou=people,dc=colorado,dc=edu mail="first.last@colorado.edu"

Lookup by Identikey ID

ldapsearch -xLLLH ldap://directory.colorado.edu -b ou=people,dc=colorado,dc=edu uid="abcd1234"

Logging in

The login page and licensing service is hosted at OnTheHub VMware e5 Administration. You will need the Account Number, Username and Password from the staff password vault.

Search for User(s)

  1. Start by clicking on the Users link in the left side navigation. navigation with the user menu option selected
  2. Filter to meet your needs and click the Search button at the bottom of the form user search form
  3. Any matching users will be listed at the bottom of the page

Add a User

  1. Start by clicking on the Users link in the left side navigation. navigation with the user menu option selected
  2. Click on the Add User button at the top of the page user add and import buttons
  3. Fill in the Username & Email with the student’s IdentiKey email (e.g. abcd1234@colroado.edu) user add username and email
  4. Fill in the students first and last name user add username and email
  5. Select the ‘Students’ group and click the ‘Save’ Button user add username and email

Extend a license period

If a student already has an account, but their license period has expired, follow these steps to extend their license.

  1. Search for the User’s account
  2. From the search results, click on the student Username
  3. Click on the Verifications tab user verification tab
  4. Click on the link the the Type column (usually: Manual by Admin or User Import)
  5. In the pop-up window, change the Expiry Date (one year from today)
  6. Click the OK button