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The section provides information on activities that should happen before each semester.


  • An updated version of Moodle (upgraded to most recent stable release) should be prepared in advance for deployment no later than a week prior to the start of the semester.
  • An email should be sent to Faculty to solicit course creation requests.
  • A new course “category” should be created for the semester - e.g Fall 2019
  • Course categories for prior semesters should be disabled or hidden
  • The accounts of users who have not accessed Moodle for > 1 year should be deleted (Admin -> Users -> Bulk operations)
  • Courses & categories more than four years old should be removed
  • Training for effective use of Moodle should be conducted at the beginning of the Fall semester with graduate TA’s and faculty. Announce this training a week in advance and work with graduate advisor on scheduling a time and room.

Coding Environment

Scale up the preemptive nodes