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The section provides information on activities that should happen during each semester.


There are essentially no mid-semester tasks other than tracking significant security issues in Moodle (you can be informed about these by http://www.moodle.org). Again, apply these updates.

Faculty use Moodle for exams and handing in assignments. It is essential that all down-time be approved by departmental faculty and educational technology oversight group. Using the Google Cloud Kubernetes platform, we can usually apply upgrades in a rolling fashion so there is no downtime needed.

Note that due to the FERPA-sensitive nature of Moodle, as well as the fact that Moodle is potentially in a position to intercept student Identikey credentials (although shibboleth should mitigate this), it’s critical that Moodle be kept secure. Be sure to always consider the security ramifications of various decisions when working with Moodle.