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This document outlines the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that is offered by the Computer Science department for the delivery of various web related services and infrastructure that is specific to the CS department. This does not entail any service offerings from OIT main campus. Those service offerings are covered under their own SLA and can be found within their respective web domain (https://oit.colorado.edu/)

The purpose of this agreement is:

  1. To represent the capabilities of the services.

  2. To establish a shared set of expectations regarding the operation

    and support of services.

  3. To provide a framework for communication regarding satisfaction with

    the service.

Scope of Agreement

Computer Science IT will provide professional support for web services and computing devices, including:

Name Service Type
LMS (moodle.cs.colorado.edu) Web-based
LDAP Infrastructure
Inginious (inginious.csel.io) Web-based
Runestone eBooks (runestone-ucbcs.csel.io) Web-based
Gitlab (gitlab.cs.colorado.edu) Web-based
Foundation (foundation.cs.colorado.edu) Web-based
CS archive repository (csel-archive.cs.colorado.edu) Web-based
CSEL lab desktop computers and printer (PXE boot and nfs) Infrastructure
CS RT Ticketing Infrastructure
VMWare Licensing and VM Image and support Web-based
OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure
Linux shared (ELRA) virtual machines Infrastructure

CS support also includes training, recommendations, maintenance, testing, troubleshooting, and availability of CS services within established campus standards and best practices. Recurring problems will be addressed through an established problem resolution process, which strives to address underlying causes, resolution with vendors, and identifying workarounds if possible.

Cost of the Service

The cost of the services can be broken down into different categories.

1 ) Cost of training = (# of requests) * (cost per block of time)

2 ) Cost of maintenance = (# of patches, releases, data backups) * (time to run)

3 ) Cost of testing = (# of patches, releases, data backups) * (time to test)

4 ) Cost of troubleshooting = (# of errors,) * (time to te debug, test)

General Responsibilities of the Agreement

  1. CS Support is responsible for satisfactory uptime and maintenance

    services for all CS related services during working hours. 8am-5pm M-F.

  2. Update software securities patches and fixes where necessary.

  3. Provide data protection, redundancy and have disaster recovery plans

    in place in case of total failure.

  4. Provide training and consultation to TAs, Instructors and


  5. When needed, CS support can act as a technical liaison for the

    purpose of custom IT solutions that may be needed for the department.

Hours of Coverage, Response Times & Escalation

Dedicated CS Support hours of operation are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, excluding University holidays and official closures.

You can contact CS Support for technical service by using the CS Help email ticketing system. CS Help help@cs.colorado.edu

Service Service Response Time
LMS (moodle.cs.colorado.edu) 2 hours
LDAP 2 hours
Inginious (inginious.csel.io) 2 hours
Runestone eBooks (runestone-ucbcs.csel.io) 1 business day
Gitlab (gitlab.cs.colorado.edu) 1 business day
Foundation (foundation.cs.colorado.edu) 1 business day
CS archive repository (csel-archive.cs.colorado.edu) 1 business day
CSEL lab desktop computers and printer (PXE boot and nfs) 2 business days
CS RT Ticketing 4 hours
VMWare Licensing and VM Image and support 2 business days
OpenStack Cloud 1 business day
Linux shared (ELRA) virtual machines 4 hours