I am from Turkey and I earned BS Degree in Electronic and Computer Education, Firat University, that is in city of ELAZIG,Turkey. After my graduation, in 2005, I took an exam to get official teacher certificate, and the exam is required for students who graduated from educational departments and prefer to work for the government in public schools as a teacher. After qualifying with official teacher certificate (Computer Teacher), I worked for Ministry of National Education for three years.

In 2008, Ministry of National Education announced an abroad scholarship for graduate studies (MS& PhD). Then, I had been chosen by the Ministry of National Education and became one of students who earn the scholarship. At the end of August 2008, I arrived the Unites States to learn English at University of Arizona, Tucson.

In 2010, I got accepted by University of Colorado Denver to pursue Masters’ Degree at Computer Science and Engineering Department. After earning MS Degree at May 2012, I applied to University of Colorado Boulder and got accepted by Computer Science Department.Since 2012, I am a PhD student at Computer Science Department and working with Prof Ken Anderson.