Andrew Kessel's Home Page at CU

(if you're looking for the CSCI 4308/4318 course webpage, go here)

Andrew in the mountains

About Me
I am a grad student in the Computer Science Department at the University of Colorado at Boulder. My research interests are primarily centered around general purpose computing on GPU's (GPGPU). For this I am working with Prof. Liz Jessup and Prof. Jeremy Siek on compiler optimizations of Matlab code into nVidia's CUDA language. I have also studied scientific visualization techniques with Dr. Kenny Gruchalla and am interested in the application of GPU's for speeding up various volumetric rendering techniques.

I also TA'd and subsequently instructed (under the supervision of Prof. Ken Anderson) the Computer Science Department's Senior Project class, CSCI 4308/4318. For the department's webpage on this class, go here. For my webpage, which contains the lectures and assignments for students, go here.

And, if you didn't notice, I'm not a web designer. At all.

I started off as a mechanical engineer and then moved to computer science because, as one friend put it, "I am offended by reality". And everything within the workings of a computer are completely deterministic and under our control, right? Right???

I worked in the Denver/Boulder area for about five years as a software/web developer. I am a fairly advanced user of C# .NET (up to version 3.5) and T-SQL, though I'm finding that neither of these languages are very useful in academia! I am also well versed in C/C++ and nVidia's CUDA language.

I also did summer internships at Lawrence Livermore National Lab in 2011 and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in 2012. I worked on porting several hydrodynamic algorithms to GPUs. A poster summarizing my work can be seen here.

Other Interests
I partake in a few other activities to bring balance and sanity to my life: