I am a PhD student in University of Colorado at Boulder working in the intersection of natural language processing, machine learning, and human computer interaction. My PhD advisor is Dr. Jordan Boyd-Graber .

My research focuses on creating and evaluating models that are interpretable for users and bring them in the loop for cooperation. My research statement explains my interests and ambitions.

Prior to coming to CU Boulder, I received my Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from University of Tehran, Iran.


  • [Dec 2017] I will present Manipulating and Measuring Model Interpretability in a workshop at NIPS.
  • [October 2017] I will present an abstract of my internship project in WiML at NIPS. Come see my poster on Manipulating and Measuring Model Interpretability.
  • [March 2017] I will be a research intern at MSR NYC this summer. I am going to be working on machine learning interpretability!
  • [September 2016] I spent a great summer as an intern in IRML group at Oracle Labs. I worked on semi-supervised text classification using feature labels and topic models.
  • [May 2016] Our paper on using active learning and topic models for speeding label induction and document labeling was accepted in ACL 2016.
  • [April 2016] Our paper on evaluating visual representations for topics was accepted in TACL 2016.